Every believer in Christ should be on the trajectory to spiritual maturity in Christ. To that end, the press is leaving yesterday behind and pressing onward to the upward call in Christ (Phil 3:13, 14). As culture continues its downward spiral to moral degradation, and away from the presence of God, the church’s press should be drawing closer to Christ in hopes of one day achieving spiritual breakout. Spiritual breakout that is reflective of the experience of the newly founded church in Acts, where after being filled with the Spirit of God the believers incarnated Christ in such a fashion that ministry was not spoken about, it was lived out. Lives were being touched, communities were being revolutionized with the love of Christ, and souls were continually being added to God’s Kingdom. To that end, we are excited to present the 2016 Invitation to the Gathering Conference in Denver, Colorado.


We are excited possibility of experiencing Spiritual Breakout similar to that of the church in Acts. As we present this year’s Gathering Conference. The theme is Spiritual Breakout. It is simple, powerful and resonates with truth. God is indeed closer than we know, the harvest is rapidly ripening and the Kingdom of Heaven is near to any with a seeking heart. In hosting this year’s conference, we are conscious of what happens when the Body of Christ gathers with a spirit of unity. We are conscious of what is unleashed spiritually when thousands worship and lean heavenward… conscious of what the timeless Word of God, taught and divided correctly, can do in all of our lives. As we prepare for this momentous annual event, we are aware that the potential and possibilities are endless when we submit our plans to the move of God.


Fabulous speakers, guests and artists will bring their finest, and Restoration’s own team will give its all to create a perfect environment for God’s Spirit to move. Innovation, inspiration, worship and creativity, will collide to exalt God’s name and advance His Kingdom. The Gathering Conference is for all ages – a conference devoted to the cause of local churches all over the united states with something for pastors, leaders, youth, children and everyday people from every walk of life. Our hope and prayer is that you, your family and your team will gather with us on October 5 - 8, 2016 – and that together we will continue to move forward in strength, anointing and grace, as together we achieve Spiritual Breakout.


With love and affection,

Felix and Kotane Gilbert

Senior Pastors, Restoration Christian Fellowship

The Gathering Conference in Denver


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